“Andrew Poulos or Poulos Accounting & Consulting is the Advocate you want on your side to guide you through any tax and business accounting issues. He guided me through the complexity of the IRS with both my individual and self-employed business tax issues; and with great persistence and appeals – structured an Offer in Compromise settlement that saved me approximately $150,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties. It is a current day “David and Goliath” success.

I was drowning in IRS notices and threat of actions, when I discovered Andrew Poulos. He personally took my phone call while I was traveling on business and quickly assessed my situation to provide a plan to turn around my business and tax situation. He helped me establish an LLC and sub-S charter for my business and got me on track for payment of payroll and quarterly business taxes; and prepares both my individual and business tax returns. He along with his professional staff were with me every step of the way.

Don’t wait (like I did and get in over your head with IRS tax issues) – Let Poulos Accounting and Consulting do what they do best; so, you can do what you do best for yourself and your business”