“I reached out to Andrew Poulos of Poulos Accounting & Consulting regarding a partner agency of ours owing 6 figures in back payroll taxes. I was concerned that the partner agency would close, and the residents would be out of a home. Once I explained to Mr. Poulos about the residents and the situation, he took great interest in the welfare of these citizens and the situation that caused the tax problem. Mr. Poulos worked diligently with the IRS on behalf of the non-profit and was able to save the agency from closing which also saved the residents from homelessness and the employees from losing their jobs. Mr. Poulos is very good at his job but even more, so he cares about others. I can honestly say that if Andrew hadn’t been there to help, we would not have been able to work out an agreement with the IRS. I would recommend Andrew Poulos to anyone looking for services.”